Theatre Guild Playbill Information

Playbill ads provide an excellent way to celebrate a student who is in the CAST or CREW of the show, promote your company/organization or show your support for Booker T Theatre performances.* It is easy – just submit the artwork (picture or clipart) and the copy you wish to have with the artwork to the Playbill Coordinator at


*These do not include the All School Musical, Hispanic Heritage or African American shows. These can be purchased through the PTSA.


2022-23 Electronic Playbills

Playbills can be viewed online here: 


New Musical Theatre & Flopped Musical Theatre Revue

10 Minute Play Festival 2022 

Digging Up the Boys 


Senior Directing One Act Plays Festival




Membership benefits for guild members at the Copper ($75) level and above include recognition on the sponsor page of the playbill AND one or more FULL pages ad per 2022-23 school year.  


Ads can be purchased online BTW Theatre Guild or you can use your membership benefits for an ad (as outlined below)


All levels at Copper or above get FULL (can be broken into ¼ or ½) page playbill ads as follows:*

  • Copper 1 page per school year 
  • Silver 2 pages per school year 
  • 9th Grade Only  3 pages per year
  • Gold 3 pages per school year 
  • Platinum 4 pages per school year 
  • Diamond 6 pages per school year

The above membership types can use their ads for student recognition only.


If you are already a member, please make sure to tell us that you intend to use one of your included ad when you email your ad materials to




If you don’t have a membership that includes playbill recognition, you can purchase one. The prices are below. Contact the Playbill Coordinator with any questions. See bottom of the page for payment options.



Student Playbill Prices: (Can be purchased here)


Full page 5"x8" $75

Half page vertical 2.5" x 8"  $50 

Half page horizontal 5" x 4"  $50

Quarter page 2.5" x 4" $25




If you are a business/corporation and want to place an ad, contract form and pricing are below. Please contact Corporate Playbill Sales with questions on Playbill Ads and regarding Corporate Sponsorships.


ContractBusiness/Corporate Ad Contract Form  (Please contact us to receive a blank form)
This form contains additional information about the shows and deadlines.



Full page (5×8 inches): $150
Vertical or horizontal 1/2 page (2.5 x 8 or 5×4 inches): $100
1/4 page (2.5 x 4 inches): $50




Online (preferred): Pay online for your playbill ad (Purchase Here)


Check: Make checks out to BTW Theatre Guild

They can be mailed/dropped off to the school as follows:
Booker T Washington HSPVA
Attn: Theatre Guild, Playbill
2501 Flora Street
Dallas, TX 75201


Ready to create an ad?


Choose a photo (or photos) of your kiddo. Decide on a short message. Email the playbill team and let our volunteers create your ad.


Please make sure that you send it in one the following acceptable formats (JPEG, TIF, PNG & PDF)

Let us know if you paid for your ad online OR if you intend to use your membership benefits. Make sure to be specific about the size of the ad.


*Hint: Keep your text short because long messages in small font can be difficult to read


You will get an email confirmation that your ad submission has been received AND a playbill volunteer will also email you when the ad is completed.